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“RiverPlace” – Inspired by the river in the Ezekiel 47th chapter, it is a river where the source of it comes from God, a river that has depth, and a river that brings life to every creature it touches and to wherever it flows.


To be a place where you are refreshed in His presence, restored by His power,
renewed by His Word and released into the world to do His will.

“Every living creature which swarms where the river flows will live; there will be many fish, for these waters flow there. It will become fresh and everything will live where the river flows.” – Ezekiel 47:9 NET Version


To bring people to a right relationship with God which encompasses loving God, living rightly and doing God’s purposes. We carry out this mission through the teaching of God’s Word, training and equipping so that each individual can do likewise.

A Place Where You Are...

Refreshed in His Presence

Restored by His Power

Renewed by His Word

Released into the World

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